Three Tips For Startups


  1. Be Unique

Are you offering something not currently on the market? What sets you apart from other companies offering similar services or products? One of the most important things that will get you noticed in the marketplace is your unique qualities that no one else has.

  1. Appeal To A Demographic

Sure, everyone wants to provide a product or service that will appeal to EVERYONE. But you need to clearly define the demographic that will be most excited about what you’re offering.

  1. First, Learn How To Walk

You have a vision of where you want to be. But first, you have to take those first pragmatic steps to get there. Map out concrete steps to achieve your goal.

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, DBA Manufacturing Consulting can help you make your company run as smooth as possible.

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3 Ways to Improve Manufacturing Productivity


  1. Monitor Workflow: They best way to track your manufacturing company’s productivity is by monitoring workflow for each item in production. Evaluating the different steps necessary to produce a single item gives you the data necessary to find possible means for production line consolidation to boost productivity.
  2. Track Customer Satisfaction: Though your production methods may be swift, if consumers are unhappy with your product, your hard work will see little reward. Be sure to track customer satisfaction rates to ensure your products are sales-worthy.
  3. Worker Evaluations: A great way to maintain steady production rates is to check in with your employees regularly, and make sure they are on top of their jobs.

Would you like help improving your manufacturing company’s productivity rates? Pragmatic Consulting, Inc. offers quality consulting services, to improve your manufacturing company’s productivity for decreased spending and boosted sales.


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3 Tips for an Efficient Manufacturing Facility


  1. Maintain your equipment – Don’t slow production down with repairs and replacements. Take the time to make sure someone is cleaning and inspecting your equipment. This will keep your equipment running longer.
  2. Properly train your employees – It may seem cheaper to have older employees mentor new employees, but in the long run the water will get muddied. Have inaugural classes for new employees to make sure everyone is trained the same way.
  3. Upgrade if needed – Make sure you upgrade your equipment. Do your research, if an upgrade is in order, purchase it. This ensures that production moves along as fast as possible.

Use to ensure your DBA manufacturing is always at its peak performance.


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